Ginger Cake – All About Vegan Food

Ginger Cake top view

Here is my new recipe for All about… Vegan Food.

A simple cake full of sweet and spicy flavours that is perfect to accompany a hot pumpkin spiced coffee or chai tea. Baking this fills the house with warm autumnal scents, a great way to warm your home on a blustery day.

You can buy ginger syrup in a lot of grocery stores. Some places even sell ginger preserved in syrup which is delicious. Preserved ginger can be used instead of fresh in this recipe, giving a more intense flavour.

If sprouted wheat flour isn’t readily available to you, it can be substituted with plain or whole wheat flour.

For the Full Recipe click here!

Ginger cake slice

lilac and peaches



Mental Clarity

fieldI looked after my youngest brother-in-law and little Molly dog the other weekend, so that was a perfect opportunity to make the most of Colorado’s rolling hills and beautiful trees.

treeThat day I went for a long run on a beaten path, then took Molly for a walk in the sunshine and cool air. All the leaves are turning and Colorado’s colours are so intense. Autumn is my favourite time of year.

molly grass Regular walks help with mental clarity and our ability to focus. Being in nature allows us to let our minds wander providing the reset we so desperately need with all the stress in our daily lives.

yellow tree When wandering through the countryside you have the benefit of beautiful scenery as well as a change to see things from a different perspective.

molly pathSo when you are feeling a little stressed or down in the dumps, escape the office buildings and busy roads and find yourself a winding path to get lost in.

tree houselilac and peaches

Spiced Apple Slice – All About Vegan Food

Spiced apple Slice Top

Here is a another recipe contribution I did for the All about… (Vegan) Food Site.

spiced apple slice close

Autumn is upon us and the leaves are starting to change. Time to get your boots and woolly hats out and go for a woodland walk! What better way to warm up after kicking autumn leaves than to bake something with seasonal spices and seasonal fruit? This is simple to whip up but full of sweetness and indulgence, just how I like it.

For the Full Recipe CLICK HERE!

Spiced apple Slice Toplilac and peaches

October 14


Hooray, it’s October! This is the time of year I have been looking forward to since we moved here. It’s time for the leaves to change and the trick or treaters to scavenge for candy.

This month for me is all about exploring, pumpkin spiced everything, haunted houses and horror movie marathons. We are still waiting for my green card to get accepted so this month is about having fun on the cheap, as I still can’t work (boohoo).

Me and my husband came up with a list of movies we are going to watch throughout October for the countdown to Halloween. Here’s our list:

  • ghost-stories-(1964)-large-pictureHalloween
  • Halloween 2
  • The Funhouse
  • Thirst
  • Phantasm
  • Society
  • The Beyond
  • Suspiria
  • Epitaph
  • New York Ripper
  • Zombieland
  • Demon Knight
  • Suicide Club
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • The Devil Bat
  • Nightbreed
  • The Blair Witch Project
  • Black Sabbath
  • Kaidan (Kwaidan) (Ghost Stories)
  • The Others
  • Evil Dead 2
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!

Is anyone else having a horror marathon this October, what films have you picked?

There are so many Haunted Houses around where we live, so we are definitely going to explore some of these. The one we are most excited about is the Haunted Mines at the Mining Museum – we have heard amazing things about it.

I’ll be writing a couple more recipes for All about Vegan food this month. I am thinking cinnamon, apples, pumpkins – Autumn favourites. Keep checking the All about Vegan food site and on here for the recipes.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box, Septmeber 14


molliedogLast week we looked after my mother-in-laws’ miniature apricot poodle, Molly. She is the most friendly and cutest dog in the world! I love her so much and she always looks after me if I am having a tough day.

I can’t wait to have a little puppy of our own soon, we just have to save a move somewhere more dog friendly.

I dropped little Molly dog back with my mother-in-law at 7am early last week and she had a package and a letter for me. Receiving post is the best thing, especially when it’s a package from Vegan Cuts. The letter was about the progress of my green card, which is moving forward. I can’t wait until that’s done!

If you don’t know about Vegan Cuts, they are an amazing company based in Canada, that spend their time looking for the very best vegan clothing, shoes, accessories, body care products and everyday items. You can sign up for a monthly snack box or beauty box that is sent right to your door, and they also have loads of awesome items on their site.

The lighting is not the best in these photos, as I was so excited to try all the yummy things. I took the photos as soon as I got home at 7.30am.

fullSome of this months snacks were chosen by Jason Wrobel, celebrity vegan and raw food chef. Here is what was in the box

  • Earth Balance Mac & Cheese. I buy this at least once a week as it’s my favourite easy quick meal, so was very happy to see it in my snack box.
  • Cobra Corn. Gluten-free non-GMO popcorn with chai tea spices. This was gone within seconds of me opening the box. It was so full of flavour and very addictive.
  • Wild Friends Nut Butter. A nut butter that combines chocolate, peanuts and coconut – yum yum yum!
  • Bodylogix. GMO-free chocolate protein power, which I’m saving for my next hike.
  • Barnana. These dehydrated banana pieces are a perfect replacement for if you have a candy craving. Super sweet and super delicious.
  • Vibrant Health. Potently alkalising, raw green supplement that detoxifies.
  • One Potato Two Potato. Hawaiian BBQ crisps, that are full of sweet and smoky flavour.
  • Ultima. Orange and Grape replenisher powder that provides 8 essential electrolytes. My husband described the grape one as a healthy version of kool aid, which he was very happy with.
  • Buddy Fruits. A delicious strawberry banana and apple smoothie, in a squeezable pouch. Great for if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to make breakfast.
  • Four Sigma Foods. Instant shiitake extract and herbal blend powder that nurtures skin and supports liver function.Perfect to add to your juice, smoothie or morning oatmeal.

Here are a couple of things I made with some of the snacks:

barnana and wild freinds porridge

I made some spiced over night oats and chia and topped it with dates, fresh banana, Barnana pieces, and Wild Friends chocolate coconut peanut butter.

For over night oats; mix 1 cup of oats, 1 tablespoon of chia, just over a cup of almond milk, cinnamon and agave and leave over night. You can eat it hot or cold and add as many indulgent toppings as you can!

mac n cheese made

To the Earth Balance Mac and Cheese I added fresh broccoli and shelled edamame beans and topped it with a smoky chilli sauce – heaven!

Can’t wait for my October Snack box!!!


lilac and peaches

Banana & Oatmeal Pancakes (Recipe Book Review)


martin_vegancooking_hcThis is my favourite recipe from Vegan Cooking for Carnivores by Roberto Martin;

Paperback link (US)
Hardback link (US)
Hardback link (UK)

I was recently living with my in laws who are a family of meat eaters. I love to cook for them and always want to make sure they leave the table feeling satisfied and not missing meat. This book is a must for your book shelf if you are entertaining or have meat eaters in your family.

As you can tell from most of the recipes I make I am a massive breakfast fan, so evidently the breakfast chapter of this book was a winner for me! The thing that stood out for me about this section was that there are quite a few savoury recipes.I love a good wholesome breakfast on the weekends and always rack my brain for a good savoury recipe. This book is full of them, and they are delicious too.

There is also a lovely afterword by Ellen DeGeneres, who I didn’t know was Vegan until I got this book – you learn something lovely everyday!

I chose this recipe to show you as they are so simple to make and are perfect to make in bulk and freeze ready for the school run or those early mornings. I usually use frozen bananas for this recipe and it still works really well.

Banana and Oatmeal Pancakes (makes approx 6-8)

1 1/2 cups milk (almond/soy/rice)
1 cup oats
2 medium bananas chopped
1/2 cup organic, unbleached all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp kosher seal salt
1tbsp + 1tsp of baking powder

Vegan butter  or non-stick cooking spray, as needed. 

In a blender, purée the non-dairy milk and oatmeal until smooth. Add the bananas, flour, salt and baking powder and purée for a few seconds more, until the ingredients are incorporated. Allow the batter to rest for about 10 minutes. 

Heat a large non-stick sauté pan over a medium heat. add a small amount of butter or non-stick cooking spray, then scoop 1/4 cup or the batter for each pancake into the pan. 

Allow the pancakes to cook slowly over a medium heat to low heat, about 5 minutes per side. When the pancakes show air bubbles all over the tops and the bottoms are browned, flip the pancakes with a spatula and cook on the opposite side until golden brown. 

wpid-pancakes-fork-close.jpg.jpeg Roberto recommends maple syrup, but I am an indulgent breakfast eater, so I recommend peanut butter and chocolate chips! If there are any spare, as well as freezing them, you can also let them cool and eat them as a snack. They taste a bit like a banana muffin – perfect in your lunch box.

Something else I learnt about Roberto is that he’s in the process of opening his very own LA-based vegan restaurant named ‘Elevate’ in the near future. You can read more about it here.

lilac and peaches

Chocolate and Banana Tea Loaf

wpid-banana-load-top-edit-jpgHere is my first recipe for All about… (Vegan) Food.

Whenever I have some bananas that are starting to get a bit mottled and brown skinned, I reach for this recipe. Quick, simple, sweet and moist, you’ll be over buying bananas just so you can have some over ripe ones for this recipe.

Perfect with a cup tea – oh how I miss a good cup of Pukka.

For the full recipe click the link below:

Banana & Chocolate Tea Loaf.

wpid-banana-load-top-edit.jpg.jpeglilac and peaches